Lab of Nature-Inspired Science and Technology  (NIST)

We are interested in advancing fundamental understanding of interfacial and transport phenomena which span multiple length and time scales, as well as developing bio-inspired multifunctional materials and devices for energy and biomedical applications.

                  Micro/Nano Meets Bio
          Innovation Inspired by Nature
P6418, Academic Building, Department of Mechanical and Biomedical  Engineering ,
City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Email: Tel: 852-34422170.
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Science Advances (2016, highlighted by NatureNews & Views in Nature Physics)

Nature Physics (2016)

Nature Communications (2015)
Nature Communications (2015)

Nature Physics (2014 , News & Views in Nature Physics)

Physical Review Letters (2012)

(25) January 2017. Two PHD graduates, Xuemei Chen and Yahua Liu, were selected to receive the competitive 1000 Young Talents Plan award (青年千人).  Congratulations, Xuemei and Yahua.

(24) December  2016, Ms. Jing Li was conferred the prestigious Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Gold Award at the 2016 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, US.  Congratulations, Jing.  Remarkably, two graduate students in our lab have received the highly competitive and highly recognized award. More information on the previous MRS Graduate Student Award recipients:

(23) October 2016, Ph.D. graduate, Dr. Yahua Liu, was awarded the prestigious "Hiwin Doctoral Dissertation Award". This award is sponsored by Hiwin Technology Limited Co (Taiwan), undertaken by China Mechanical Engineering Commission to award Chinese doctors and their supervisors in universities and institutes majoring in mechanical engineering. Congratulations, Yahua.

(22) July 2016.  Dr. Wang was selected to receive the OSA Young Scientist Award in the 6th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Optofluidics.

(21)  June 216, collaborative work with ANU was published in Science Advances. This work was also featured in Nature, News & Views in Nature Physics, Chemistry WorldPopular Mechanics, Asian Scientist, Nanotechweb, and many other news outlets.

(20) Feb. 2016. Jing's paper on Janus droplet was published in Nature Physics.  This work was also featured in many news outlets such as Nanowerk,, Asian Scientist...Congratulations, Jing!

(19) Feb. 2016. Dr. Wang was selected to receive the 2016 Outstanding Youth Award by the International Society of Bionic Engineering.

(18) December 2015. Our recent PhD graduate, Dr. Yahua Liu, won the 2015 Hong Kong Young Scientist Award in the engineering category. Congratulations,Yahua!.

(17) August 2015. Our pancake bouncing work was highlighted by American Institute of Physics, Asian Scientist, Materials World  and many other media outlets including Sciencedaily, Nano Picture....Pancake bounce image was also selected as " Science image of the week" by Tech Times.

(16) April 2015, Yahua was awarded the prestigious MRS Graduate Student Silver Award in the 2015 Spring Meeting. Congratulations, Yahua. More information on the MRS Graduate Student Award:

(15) January 2015, Collaborative work with UST on dropwise condensation was highlighted in " In Nano" of ACS Nano.

(14) June 2014, Our article on droplet bouncing was highlighted in News & Views in Nature Physics and CityU News  and CityU Today

(13) March 2014, Our work on droplet microfluidics was featured in MaterialsViews China!

(12) October  2013, Our Small paper was selected as Front Cover story!

(11) August 2013, Chonglei won the Best Paper Award in International Symposium on Optofluidics, 2013. Congratulations, Chonglei.

(10) January 2013, Our  AFM paper is indexed as " Highly Cited Paper" by Web of Science.

(9) September 2012, FYP Student Waitak Lau won the 3rd Prize in the Best Paper on Materials Record, Hong Kong Institute of Engineers. Congratulations, Waitak.

(8) September 2012, Xiaowen won the Best Paper Award in International Symposium on Optofluidics, 2012. Congratulations, Xiaowen.

(7) August 2012, Our work on the study of size effects of evaporation at superhydrophobic surfaces was accepted by Physical Review Letters. Congratulations to Xuemei. This is her second high-impact paper after she joined our group as a Ph.D. student in August 2010.

(6) September 23, 2011. Our work on dropwise condensation is highlighted in many media press, including

MaterialsViews, CityU News, Takungpao, Chinanews

(5) September 1, 2011.  Xuemei Chen's paper on the  development of bio-inspired novel materials for heat transfer application has been accepted by Advanced Functional Materials (2011 Impact factor: 10.2) and highted as Front Cover. Xuemei joined our lab in August 2010. Congratulations, Xuemei!

(4) Our work on microfluidic chip for point of care diagnostics is featured in Chemical & Engineering News.

(3) Our work on boiling heat transfer on nanostructured surface is featured in Nature News(doi: 10.1038/news.2008.935)

(2) Our work on carbon nanotube membrane is featured in Membrane Technology and Wiki (

(1) Our work about superhydrophobic surafces is featured in Photonics Spectra (

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